The project:
Winstyle application

creating an application that will enable personal styling by a social network.

The project:
Winstyle application

creating an application that will enable personal styling by a social network.


The purpose of  Winstyle application is to get reviews on personal clothing style / specific clothing items / makeup and hair style / jewelry and the like.


The user of the app must upload a picture of himself or herself of the relevant fashion item and receive reviews from other users who are registered with the system. Each user may rate the image according to specific criteria.

Each user eventually gets a weighted rating of all the reviews regarding the image they uploaded.

A user who received a high score can quietly use the fashionable product and even raise his rating on the site.

A user who received a low score can check which criteria he failed and try to upload a picture of an improved product according to the criteria in which he received a low score. The system will also send to anyone who did not excel (for that matter anyone who did not receive a 5-excellent score) offers to purchase fashion items from around the web from the same category in which he did not excel.

Each app user earns a score based on the photos she has uploaded to the rankings. Anyone who has received high ratings from the rest of the users is considered a “fashionista” fashion connoisseur whose opinion can be trusted.

The app will block users who do shaming. A user can report another user who is scheming or expressing himself in an abusive / racist manner, etc., and this user will be blocked.

What is the goal of this app?

On the one hand, the app provides a platform for people who want to realize their aspirations to become stylists or consultants. On the other hand the app allows anyone who feels insecure about his clothing style to get a variety of reviews from different users as well as suggestions for purchasing new items for his wardrobe.

The process

Step 1: Research

the competitors:

First of all  I wanted to check who are the competitors for this app:

  1. Facebook and all the other social networks: as a matter of fact anyone can upload photos and ask for the other user opinions/reviews, but these social network are not focused on styling and have no ratings.
  2. i have found several websites that offer you styling but there are no reviews from other users.

The users types

Type A

Those who think they understand design and styling and can advise other people. These people will benefit from other people’s fashion rating and strive to get as high a rating as possible in order to gain the recognition that they do understand styling.

Persona example

Bar is a 25-year-old single woman who works in the customer service of a communications company. She sees her work as a temporary stop until she manages to realize herself in areas she truly loves, namely design and grooming. Bar is considered by her friends as having good taste and understanding fashion. People around her are inspired by her style of dress and she in turn enjoys going shopping with her friends and advising them.

Type B

People who feel insecure when they are required to make decisions about their personal attire. They need an advisory opinion to choose a style of dress for a particular event

 Personas example

Yaron, 45, has been divorced for two years and works for a high-tech company. When he was still married his wife was the one in charge of his wardrobe but since he got divorced he feels at a loss when he has to choose how to dress for a particular event. He also feels he needs to improve his clothing style when he re-enters the singles market.

Step 2: Creating global site map

Step 3: Wireframes

Step 4: UI kit

Step 5: The Prototype