The project:
Grassima restaurant

creating an application that will enable online orders from the restaurant.


The purpose of the app is to allow you to order food in a convenient and fast way from a large restaurant chain that has many branches. The app offers the user two options. The first option is to locate the desired restaurant, order the dishes in the app and arrive at the restaurant. The second option is to order a delivery that will arrive at the customer’s home.
The restaurant offers fresh and varied Mediterranean-style food that allows you to actually order food for the whole family at reasonable prices.

The challenge

The big challenge is to build an app with a simple interface that allows quick and easy ordering for any user, even for users who are less technological and those who are not used to ordering through a smartphone. The goal is to avoid a complicated registration process and fill out unnecessary forms. Users should also be allowed to pay in a variety of ways and also enjoy discount coupons.

The tools

For this project I used the Adobe creative software: XD, Illustrator and Photoshop

The process

Step 1: Research

the competitors:

First of all I wanted to check who the competitors are and I discovered that there are quite a few restaurants that allow you to make reservations through dedicated apps but often the ordering process is long and cumbersome. Also not every restaurant can make delivery. Another problem I encountered was that the payment methods were extremely limited.

Step 2: Creating global site map

Step 3: Wireframes

Step 4: UI kit

Step 5: The Prototype

Order editing
Home delivery
The restaurant menu